"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
+Isaac Newton

Astrophysics student at CU Boulder and business development assistant and technician at applied quantum enginering firm, ColdQuanta, Inc.
I am interested in the business and politics of science and have focused my academic and professional activities on pursuing a career in the high-tech industry.


“Immerse yourself in your craft.”
+Jiro Ono

Market Research & Case Studies

Analyzed a notably diverse set of markets from alternative energies/utilities to quantum communications to commercial space exploration. Have also researched Sino-American relations, the Arab Spring, NASA's influence, and more.

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Fine Scientific Technical Design/Fabrication

Class 1000 clean room and hazardous chemical handling experience, machine shop certified by JILA at CU Boulder, two years of experience in AMO physics technical work including anodic/optical bonding to laser interferometry/alignment.

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Branding & Graphic Design

Various jobs, assignments, projects, events, and personal interests over time have required the creation of original, interest-piquing branding, graphics, animations, and other materials. Experienced in designing logos, business cards, and websites, as well as short stings, event themes, flyer collections, and digital advertisement campaigns.

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Project & Event Management

Years of experience either leading or co-leading events from local K-12 outreach efforts to international space exploration conferences. Diversity of work has allowed for work in project/event planning, management, marketing, financing, and execution.

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BA in Astrophysics
Python & Mathematica
Public Speaking
Machine Fabrication


“Man is conscious of great happiness when he feels that he is creating.”
+Ayn Rand


"You talkin' to me?"
+Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver